Bathroom Backsplash

Just like in your kitchen, you will also need a bathroom backsplash to accentuate and give more edge and identity to your toilet and shower room. This will ultimately give your bathroom a complete upgrade. If you plan to redesign your bathroom, then we have good news. We have the most beautiful and sophisticated-looking backsplash materials for your bath. The ultimate advantage of using such accents is the aesthetics it gives. It won’t require fancy fixtures and toiletries because the shower backsplash on its own is a work of art already. Call us today, and we will give you more information about our bathroom redesigning services. If you have grown tired of looking at the asymmetrical tiles on your bathroom walls, it’s time for an overhaul.

We have a variety of tile accent walls for your baths and shower walls. They vary in colors, textures, and patterns, suitable for any themes you have for your interiors. Bathroom backsplash has become popular recently because most interior designers have shifted attention to bathrooms and not only focus on kitchens, living space, and bedrooms. Your bathroom should be presentable for your guests and even for your own family. It sure is relaxing and calming to take a bath in a place where the design is impressive and sleek.

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Bathroom Design

Do you love relishing the view of your bathroom walls? Have you always been a person who spends more time in the shower and bathroom? If you had an exhausting day, it sure is relaxing to just spend a couple more minutes inside the bathroom. And, of course, your bathroom should have the most calming and serene design. Lucky for you, we have the most luxurious bathroom designs you’ll ever want. Having a bathroom replicated precisely from magazines could be possible once you hire us as your contractor. It is one of the many fortes we have in our line of business. From bathroom floors to shower tiles, you will never go wrong with Revamp Flooring. We won’t give you any reason to doubt our capabilities.

Being in the industry for more than two decades, we have already studied our market and clients long enough to know how important your home is, particularly its bathroom. Every year, trends are set by designers and industry specialists, especially in the Texas market. Our company makes sure to be updated with the latest designs and trends to cater to our clients’ needs. Everyone wants to have a bathroom that is not only sleek, organized, and luxurious but also trendy and modern. 

Contemporary Bathroom Design

Give us a concept, and we’ll give you what you want. Our design portfolio is composed of many trends that have appeared over the years. No matter what era you’d like to have your bathroom designed after, we can pick out all the necessary and suitable bathroom tile and stone for you. You can opt for a contemporary bathroom design if your home is created in a modern setting. We have catalogs, samples, and actual tiles displayed in our showroom. You should visit us so we can start discussing your bathroom design.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals for your property. Whatever bathroom design you want, give us a call to provide you with an estimate for your project. We suggest the best bathroom tiles design according to your vision.

Once you talk with our design staff, you’ll have a glimpse of the trendiest styles of bathrooms these days. If you love contemporary designs, you can consider our suggestions and incorporate them into your ideas too. For example, having black walls has been a thing in recent years, and it is usually paired with white accents or natural wood. Rustic themes are also on the rise these days. You can envision your bathroom design, and we can make it happen. We will make sure to make your dreams come true.

The next time you imagine how your bathroom will look, take note of all the major and minor details. Give us a call so we can talk more about it. With all our high-quality bathroom accent tiles and materials, we are confident that we can redesign your bathroom according to your expectations. We guarantee your satisfaction, starting from planning to execution and finishing. We will make sure that you will always be happy with the progress and, ultimately, the result. Talk to us today, and let’s get your dream bathroom started. Our friendly representatives will be happy to take your call.