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Promising to deliver only the most excellent flooring services, our Alvin flooring branch staff are very knowledgeable in handling your needs for your home floor refurbishments. As a family-owned business, focusing on our local residents‘ needs in House ST Alvin City, nothing gives us more pride than serving our local community. 

We have numerous service areas covered aside from Alvin, such as Pearland, League, Friendswood, Webster, Pasadena, Missouri, and Fresno. Our staff dispatched in all of our branches are friendly, approachable, and highly-trained professionals.

Revamp Flooring is your one-stop solution shop for everything you need for your new floors. We use the most top-grade flooring materials like tiles, luxury vinyl flooring, hardwood, and carpet. Our equipment, devices, and tools employ the highest technology and most advanced innovations in our industry. We know how vital it is to utilize the best methods and techniques for floor remodels and revamping. You can rely on us to have the most modern applications for everything related to your floors. Call us today and one of our flooring designers will be happy to discuss our various assortment of services.

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Trademark Flooring Alvin TX

Whatever awesome job you need to be done with the floors at your home or office, you can rely on us to be your service provider. We will take care of your bedroom, living room, kitchen floor, and bathroom floor. We even have outdoor flooring services that can improve your patios, backyards, or front lawns. Feel free to talk to our flooring designers who can come up with solutions to your specific requirements. Count on us and our brand name because we have been a trademark flooring Alvin TX company for long years now. Our wonderful job is always delivered professionally, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our beautiful showrooms are available for you to check before choosing your preferred flooring materials. You can see all of our flooring selections from our gallery. If you have not decided yet, our specialists can provide you with the best guidelines and tips to help you make the right choice. You won’t ever regret choosing our flooring services, because we only offer the best results for your property’s floors. For your flooring needs, only trust the experts at Revamp Flooring. Our happy and satisfied clients are living proof of our excellent services. We are faithfully serving Alvin decorating floors that give you satisfaction!

Give us a call now or come and visit our showrooms. We can provide you business information with a tour of our showroom to see all the samples and materials, and learn the necessary information about our products and services. With over 25 years of experience, we will give you the confidence and assurance that your floors will be in good hands. Our professional designers know all the ins and outs of the installation and revamping of floors. 

We make sure to keep track of all the activities, so you can continuously monitor them. Whatever timeline you have, we are confident that we will follow it. Not only do we provide service excellently we also deliver it with time efficiency.

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Commercial and Residential Flooring Service in Alvin TX

We at Revamp Flooring love to meet new people and help them with their remodeling trademark flooring needs. We always run our Flooring service in Alvin TX with a goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Our trademark flooring remodeling experts work hard so that you get the kind of Flooring service in Alvin TX that you deserve.

Commercial and Residential Flooring Service in Alvin, Texas With us, commercial Flooring installation is always guaranteed. Our installers regularly attend classes and seminars to ensure the highest quality of service. You’ll also find a comprehensive selection in our Showroom and Warehouse. You can be assured that your selections will be manufactured to the highest standards and supported by warranties that will provide peace of mind for years to come. Our unique and functional design always fits any new Alvin homeowner and business owner that highlight you as a completed gentleman in your local community.

Wood Flooring Contractors Near You

The wood floors in the room immediately capture your eye as you enter. The wood grain is luxurious and adds warmth to this living room. The wood floor, coupled with the wood cabinets enhances the traditional feel of this room.

From home improvement stores to high-end department stores, wood flooring is usually one of the most popular choices for homeowners. With wood’s natural qualities, durability, and versatile selection of looks, it continues to be an ideal choice for any room in the house. There are many types of wood flooring available on today’s market including hardwood, engineered hardwood, cork, and bamboo. Each type has its own unique characteristics that provide benefits depending on its installation position within your home or business.

Tile Installation Contractors Alvin, Texas

Whether you’re looking for floor tiles, shower tiles, or tiles to compliment your kitchen, we have the newest tiles available to help create your own space. From classic style to the look and warmth of authentic hardwood planks, the possibilities are endless.

When it comes to décor options for new homes, tiles are fast becoming one of the most popular choices for their durability and easy wipe down surface. And when it comes to tiles, there is no shortage of variety including ceramic tiles in several different finishes from matte/eggshell or high gloss glaze with a wide selection of sizes and shapes allowing for custom looks that are highly unique.

For those who prefer wooden flooring instead of tiles but still want a nice clean look with quick and easy installation tiles, tiles are an excellent choice with tiles now available to mimic the look of wood without any of the hassle.

Carpet Flooring Contractors Near Alvin TX

Carpet is a great way to create a cohesive and comfortable space. It’s easy to install, provides warmth and texture to any room, works well with other types of flooring due to its durability. With so many styles, colors, and textures available it can be hard to choose the right carpet for your home. 

To ensure you have a durable carpet that also looks good in your space we offer custom rugs. This allows you to pick from an array of styles, colors, and materials that transform your room into a lavish warm comfortable living space that brings together all the elements of your color palette as well as other furniture pieces such as headboards or low coffee tables.

With countless choices, available tile carpet offers durability paired with style. It’s a strong, durable carpet that is perfect for the living room or the bedroom due to its plush feel and warmth. When your carpet is installed properly it creates a cohesive space that feels like home.

Vinyl Flooring Installation Contractor

Vinyl is known for its durability and high performance. Vinyl flooring resists stains, scratches, dents, abrasions, burns, mold growth, and termites. Vinyl is water-resistant so it can handle all kinds of spills including grease or oil, contain­ers with hot contents left standing on the surface without the risk of damage to the flooring itself.

As a result Vinyl floors are the perfect choice to withstand your household mess makers. Vinyl comes in many colors including bright white which makes it an ideal choice for modern houses looking to enhance the beauty of their home. Installing Vinyl requires professional skills so you should hire a flooring contractor to install it instead of trying to lay it on your own.

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